Earthtastic! one day at a time.

Dabbling in beeswax, sweet almond oil and white plastic lip balm tubes was a small experiment that started in 2009. I'd just had my second child and I wanted something of my own that would could keep me sane in the beautiful and chaotic whirlwind of motherhood.

So it began. Up late into the night and unstoppable; enchanted by the idea of creating lip balms and lotions from scratch, I marveled over the fact that I was using completely natural, and mostly organic, ingredients to accomplish this. I felt empowered and enlightened. My head was spinning with ideas and possibility. Small steps turned to strides and soon I was opening my Etsy shop.

My business is steadily growing and so is my product base. Shortly after opening I switched to a vegan, nut-free lip balm recipe to accommodate those who don't use beeswax and who have nut allergies. Everyone deserves to enjoy natural lip balm!

I'm a one-woman show that brainstorms, creates, designs, labels, prints, packages, and ships. All of my recipes are original and made completely from scratch. I'm also currently focusing on using as little plastic as possible in my packaging. It addition to skin care, I'm in the process of adding earth-friendly additions for the home.

The journey that has accompanied me during the development of my shop has surprised me! I'm completely in love with herbs and natural remedies! I'm contacted by family and friends for natural alternatives for aches, pains, and other ailments. I love where this path has lead me, and I feel like I'm answering a calling in all of this. Immersing myself in beautiful mother nature and learning about all her wonderful plants and the magic they possess is something I simply cannot get enough of. Being able to combine my passion of natural living with my commitment to remain a stay at home mom and providing for my two children is a dream come true. I lovingly await what comes next.

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